Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of May Wrap-Up

So June has arrived and I am still enjoying my life here in Bergen as the stay at home boyfriend! So what have I been up to as of lately? Well Elin and I went to go see the Hangover 2 on Friday evening which was amazing. However, beforehand we went on a long walk around the city center out towards the water, because even though it may have been 10 pm, it felt more like 7 pm. We then headed off to Peppes Pizza just before the movie to get some dessert. I had the American apple pie which was actually half decent, while Elin went with the three scoop neopolitan. On the movie, I thought that it was essentially like the first one, only in "Thighland." I still liked it, but I also realized how many jokes the audience did not fully understand, because some of the references, such as to Long John Silvers, did not make any sense to them... if only they knew, haha. So I was one of the only ones laughing from time to time. Something I did not mind doing!!! After the movie Elin and I walked back to the apartment which is about 30 minutes away. One of the first nights we were actually able to do so, weather permitting, because I did not feel like paying 11 dollars for a 6 minute packed bus ride back home. Yes, the price does go up from $5 to $11 dollar at night.

On the last day of May, Elin and I were able to BBQ on one of the nicest days thus far! I was actually able to wear shorts and a t-shirt without looking like an idiot, even though everyone else was wearing their heavy coats and snow shoes. I remember how it was in München when it was like 75 degrees and people were still wearing their winter gear. I have had enough of the "spring" weather, and now I am looking forward to summer! We ate some hot-dogs that we cooked out on the community balcony grill. It is not a makeshift grill either. Its something I would not mind getting once I get a house and everything. So props on the landlord for getting something useful! Below is a picture of what our summer nights in Bergen look like when it is pass 10:30 pm! Once 11:15 hits, its pretty much dark, but then the sky gets lighter again around 2:10 am!

The hospital that Elin works at... 10:30pm

Out towards the sea!

Elin is freezing in this picture :)

Overlooking some of the city... Big Lung Lake!

To the left of the mountainous City
Overall, things here in Bergen have been going very well! Just trying to brush up on my German grammar before heading back down to Germany in about four weeks and relaxing. And no, I have not been to any euro raves yet... yet.

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