Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun in Bergen???

Worse Fish and Macaroni frozen dinner ever

           So its true. Despite many claims to the Bergen sun, I actually had a chance to enjoy it this past weekend! Elin and I went down to the harbor for a nice little walk and hung by the cafes. It was only about 65 outside, but with the past weather we've been getting, it felt more like 80. Other than those nice long walks around the big lung, Germany had two games. One against Austria on Friday, or as I call it 'little Deutschland', and then another against Azerbaijan today. Both which they won, which was to be expected, but they didn't play up to their standards. I made dinner yesterday, just your average pasta with meat sauce. And today I made a chocolate-chip cookie cake with ice cream on top! When I get bored now, I don't just resort to FIFA, but also baking. I try to also do some push-ups here and there to stay looking good and running around big lung to stay in shape. But I'm also still planning out a few more possible trips for early September with Doyle, so we'll see how that goes. He wants to go to Ireland, but I would prefer England, because there is absolutely nothing to do in Ireland unless you want to pay a lot for a little. 
View of Ulrika at halftime between Germany and Austria

View outside the living room at 1:31 am!!!

Elin and I decided to make a spice pizza with chili, chili spice, red peppers, and jalopenos. Along with taco seasoned beef!

Chocolate-chip Cookie Cake!!! a la Mode


  1. delicious fish fast food :D

  2. Chocolate chip cookie cake? I want the recipe please. Looks delicious.