Wednesday, June 15, 2011


             The weather here in Bergen has been getting slightly better here and there, but still too wet for my taste. Next week Elin and I are leaving for her parent's place for Santhansfest! I'm looking forward to celebrating it again after almost 15 years I think. I'll try not to have my eyebrows burned off around the bonfire, but I can't make any promises! I just hope that the weather will be nice in Ås, but we won't know until a day or two before. The weather forecasts here are the worse. They have a nice little key that lists the days as rather certain, somewhat uncertain, and uncertain. Even the rather certain on the same predicted day is usually not even completely accurate. But I must say that the weather in Bergen is always uncertain. The worse thing though is that in northern Norway they've been having 70 degree weather with actually have beaches too! Meanwhile, here in southern Norway where it should be nicer, is actually worse. Ugh, I'm hoping for better weather in Hamburg... haha. Wishful thinking :)

               Elin and I just got back from Brodvin... Bread wine. We met a few of her friends downtown over by the campus area for dinner. I went with the teriyaki with chicken... It was actually pretty good along with a decent size portion :) After that we went to get some coffee, I a cappuccino, at the cafe down the street from where we ate. It was good, but like all things here in Norway, expensive. Cost around 8 dollars, but I try not to look at that too much anymore and just take for what it is.... After coffee, Elin and I walked back home around the "big lung" in the nice SUNNY weather! Its about 65 right now! Much nicer than yesterday when we went for a walk up by Ulriken and around the hospital. The weather then was a bit windy, misty, and drizzled off and on, but it was still nice to get outside of the apartment for a little stroll.  Now I'm just planning my trip down to Germany and everyone/everywhere I plan to see/go... A little complicated right now, but I'm sure everything will fall into place once the time comes :)

Cappuccino at Godtbrod

My homemade oatmeal cookies :) Better than Shantell's!!!!

"American Night" (sloppy joes with a Bud)


Dinner the other night :) The laks had some kremost(cream cheese) inside!

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