Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May arrival in Bergen

May 16th: After graduating on May 8th I left for Bergen only a mere week later. Once I got here, Bergen greeted me with her open arms of Spring delight, rain. Well, it drizzled a bit later on in the day, but arriving in Bergen after a long plane ride with Icelandair I would have accepted any kind of weather! Elin greeted me at the airport around noon on the 16th of May to usher me back to her new apartment. I was about half dead upon arrival because I was not able to sleep what so ever on  the plane. So when it hit 15:00 o'clock, I was struggling to keep awake. It was literally a war. And with the 24hr days here as summer approaches, it made it just that much harder to go to bed and to stay asleep.

May 17th: Elin and I got dressed, Elin in her traditional custom, and headed downtown in the morning to watch the parade. It felt more like an American parade where it has a very loose theme, but a "theme" nonetheless. The theme was getting dressed up, but the parade was full of people "from" Scotland, and those involved in motor clubs, and cheer-leading. We ate hot-dogs and enjoyed one of the last days of sun for the week. People were actually friendly and warm towards one another, even a lady at the supermarket had a conversation with us. I think it was only because Elin and I were the only ones in the store the entire day, but who really knows. Inger and Lena came over later on that day to have a grill-fest and eat some of Elin's delicious cake! Around 21:00 o'clock, Lena and Inger went back home, and a couple of hours later Elin and I went to the firework show at the "lillelungen." It was one of the quickest firework shows I've ever seen in my life. It was about ten minutes long, and they fired off about 1 million fireworks. They had no concept of time in between each round, just a full on blitz as if the Germans were off-shore. But we enjoyed ourselves none the less and it was a great way to end the night!

Day-to-day: I've been mostly keeping busy during the day getting readjusted to the time difference, playing fifa, reading, and practicing my German grammar. There is not too much to watch on TV because they show the same shows in the day as they do at night, so if you've seen it once already, don't bother turning the TV back on later. But in lieu of that we've been watching a lot of movies each day. Commercial free! I've also been going on runs around the "storlungen" or "big lung" which is a lake, that takes me about 17 minutes or so to run. The weather in the morning is usually nicer, so that is when I tend to go on my runs. Other than that, things have been going great and relaxing after a stressful final year of college is much deserved. I can worry about paying off my college loans in October!

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  1. Did Elin get her traditional attire from H&M? ;) Looks like fun! I'm jealous of your long summer days. Sounds awesome; especially if you do not have to work.