Monday, July 11, 2011


Today Tomislav and I went to Frankfurt just the other day to do a quick little day trip before I headed off to Munich later on that evening. We left Darmstadt early that morning to get a good head start on things. Once we got to Frankfurt it was such a relief to finally see tall buildings once again. I was so sick of the "lets keep everything the way it was since the Romans came to Germany attitude." So Tom and I just toured around the entire city, went to Starbucks, and then some more touring around. The 'Roemer' district was pretty cool, because it had a very different feel than the rest of the city. It was also a lot busier than the rest of the city, especially on a sunday. We left the city after 5 hours and 15 km of walking. I do not understand how I walked that much in a single day, but its too much. Once we got back we just relaxed, and hung out a bit longer before I had to catch my next train to Munich. The train ride to Munich wasn't too bad, lucky enough to find an open seat, but the dude next to me asked if I could turn off my laptop, rather the wireless internet, because it gave him head problems. I asked him "wieso?" and then told him that my laptop didn't have wireless internet since we were on the train. He apparently didn't believe me because he then went into hiding for about 1.5 hrs, and didn't return back to his wife until I laptop ran out of power. Haha, what a weirdo. The funny thing was, that there were people right in front of him with their laptop out, but he didn't say anything about that. Parnoid people about wireless. I think his cell phone presents a bigger problem than my netbook.

Out of the train station

Along the Main river

The 'Dom'

Church along the Main

EU Boerse

Pretend that my eyes are open...
Goethe Platz

Opera House

Roemer Platz

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  1. looks really nice :) i'm sure you're appreciating the sun after being in bergen, haha...