Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey so I arrived in Darmstadt on Thursday the 7th and I've been staying with a friend of mine, Tomislav, who I met while in Muenchen the other year. It's been a nice trip so far with plenty of walking around the city. We've been walking an average of 7 km per day. Its kind of obsessive, but it beats having to pay for transportation, because everything is so relatively close to one another. Tomorrow we're planning on going to Frankfurt for the day, and then later on that evening, I'm taking the train to Munich. So I'm really looking forward to both of those things. But today, we went to go see Transformers 3. The worst one of the three 'movies'... only because I had to pay more to see it than the others. What a waste of time. Forget the money aspect of it. I mean that was to be expected, but then having to stay in that damn theater for almost three hours listening to explosions was beyond me. I just kept looking a the time once every time they had a terribly cliche line. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooooooo often did that happen.

The local brew!

The sunset

Elin's favorite! But it's all for ME!!! and Tomislav... haha!

Some Catholic Church

The city opera

The grub

I love that Nasi 'goreng'... haha... Some people just don't think about changing the names of products do they?


  1. Hahaha, Nasi goreng :D
    Yeah bring back some starbucks for me!

  2. i see bean sprouts in that nasi goreng!!! :O