Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last week in Norge

So after a long 4.5 month vacation, it's about that time to get out and start making some money... after I spend all of what I have left at Oktoberfest! haha... This last month in Norway must have been the toughest weather-wise. The first week being back from Paris and Germany was great, but since then its been all downhill. The left over of what hurricane Irene brought to the east coast made its way to Norway, which wasn't a pleasure as well. Aside from the typical weather complaint I have about Norwegian weather, it has been a really good experience being able to live with Elin. We learned how to cook Pad Thai together, ate fiskeboeller, and many other traditional Norwegian delights, along with the many desserts :) I also became better at playing fifa and mw2 as well! With so much time on my hands it would be hard not go in the right direction before their new releases this fall!There is so much that I could say about Norway and my time here, but many things are hard to put into words, and it would take too much time.

On the horizon however, I am looking forward to Oktoberfest, moving to Austria, and beginning a new challenge working as a teaching assistant! Being in Munich during the 09-10 school year really taught me how to be a real European. Meaning enjoying 5 month vacations :) But the American in me tells me to get up from the couch because my Hartz IV is about to run out. My experience working at the German-American school taught me a lot about being a teaching assistant and has helped me communicate better with children, and how to respond in the classroom. I won't be working with second and fifth graders in Austria, but the dynamic will be similar. The only difference I will be facing is playing a much larger roll in guiding the lessons. Something that I never had to do at my other school. Sure I will be a little bit nervous at first (who wouldn't be), but those jitters will go away pretty quickly because I'll be working with mostly girls. So I better keep their attention long enough that they won't give me a hard time. Haha... I'll be living right across the street from one of the schools next to the hospital. The small city of Oberwart has a mall and some other minor conveniences that will be much enjoyed! Including a Hooters as well. Haha... I think its hilarious that they actually have a Hooters there. I mean, who did they have to pay-off in order to persuade them that its needed? The damn town is only 7000 deep and they don't even have a Starbucks??? LOL! The only things that I'm not looking forward to however is leaving Elin and the long day of travel coming up this Sunday. Positives though are that I'll be closer to Elin than I was living in the States, and that I can get settled into my new place sooner so that I can go to Oktoberfest. In Munich I'll be bringing my xbox and staying with a couple of good friends in the Stughetto! Anyways, I'll stop blabbing about the future... You'll just have to wait till Monday/Tuesday to hear about Oberwart and my Lederhosen!

The Fjord!

My mistress

Friendly Norwegians... Its only 55 degrees out! SUMMER i Norge!

Cool barn!

Little Town along the Fjord

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  1. Cute Norway pictures ;) You know how much I'm gonna miss having you here every day, but yes, at least Oberwart is closer than Portland!